Vöxx rolls in style at the Overland Park Expo

Vöxx rolls in style at the Overland Park Expo


On a warm and sunny weekend in Flagstaff Arizona, Vöxx made an appearance at the Overland Park Expo where our stunning Suzuki Samurai fitted with the G-FX TR16 wheels was turning heads all around.

The TR16 is a classic look on any off roader, and it is offered in a matte black or polished finish with 15, 16, 17, and 18 inch diameters, as well as various bolt patterns and offsets. The rugged look of the TR16 works well with the Samurai, making the sub-compact 4x4 look like it can take on any terrain. 

Many made their way to our booth to get a closer look at all the beautiful wheels glistening in the Arizona sun. On display we had many types of wheels for any car, truck, or van from the G-FX truck wheels to the Vöxx feather forged road wheels.  

Vöxx's next official show appearance will be at another Overland Expo in Bend, Oregon from June 27th to the 30th, so if you missed us last time, be sure to catch us up in the Pacific Northwest.

As always, check out our latest styles at www.voxxwheel.com. Need replacement parts for your wheels or Vöxx Merch? Check out shop.voxxwheel.com.

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