Vöxx at Overland Expo in Bend, OR

Vöxx at Overland Expo in Bend, OR

On a radiant weekend in Bend Oregon, Vöxx made an appearance at the Overland Expo, where we had a fantastic time showcasing our stylish wheels and accessories.  

Pictured above is the Vöxx Enzo, a road wheel with a nice diamond shape mesh cut and a distinctive screw on cap to cover the lugs. We offer this wheel in gloss black, 17 & 18 inch diameters, as well as various bolt patterns and offsets. This wheel demands attention, delivering both style and function. Its mesh design enhances airflow, providing effective cooling for the brakes.

Pictured above is a Ram 2500 fitted with our G-FX TR19’s in matte black. These wheels display a rugged allure, blending robust aesthetics with the signature engineering of the G-FX Brand. Available in 16, 17, 18, & 20 inch diameters including various fitments and offsets, this wheel is purpose-built for handling heavy loads and looking good while doing so.

Visitors flocked to our booth, drawn by the dazzling wheels gleaming under the Oregon sun. On display, we showcased a wide variety of wheels suitable for cars, trucks, and vans, ranging from rugged G-FX truck/van wheels to the sleek Vöxx feather forged road wheels.

Vöxx's next official show appearance will be at Subie Fest in Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California on August 4th. As always, check out our latest styles at www.voxxwheel.com. Need replacement parts for your wheels or Vöxx Merch? Check out shop.voxxwheel.com.

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