The Art of Mobility

The Art of Mobility

For the first time this year, the sun was up and shinning on Saturday morning at the American Honda Collection Hall for the third Cars, Bikes, and Coffee event of 2024. This month's theme? The art of mobility. While Vöxx did not have an official booth at the show, the Integra Type S still showed up to show off those Modena wheels.

The concept behind this month's theme was to showcase concept vehicles created by Honda over the years, as well as showing highly modified personal vehicles.

Even though the event was hosted by Honda, there were plenty of different makes and models at the event.

At the end of the day though, the focus was still on all the various Honda and Acura vehicles that arrived. It was good to see so many people across all walks of life coming to check out and enjoy the sea of cars, and the company of other car enthusiasts.

Parked in a sea of Civic Type Rs, the Integra Type S managed to stand out amongst the crowd, with many people coming to check it out, and the Vöxx Modena.

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