Looking for a New Sponsor

Looking for a New Sponsor

Do you currently own an FL5 Honda Civic Type R or a DE5 Acura Integra Type S? Vöxx wants to sponsor you!

In an effort to further expand into the performance market, Vöxx is looking to sponsor someone with a new FL5 Civic Type R or DE5 Integra Type S. We understand that the owners of these high performance vehicles may not necessarily want to spend $3k to $5k or more on a set of forged wheels, but also don't want to go too far in the other direction on a set of regular cast wheels. A good middle ground would be a Flow Formed wheel, like the Vöxx Malta or the Vöxx Modena.

How does Flow Forming work, you ask? After casting, pressure is applied to the inner barrel of the wheel while it is spinning. This process stretches and compresses the material which increases its tensile strength. The result is a wheel that uses less material, but has increased shock resistance and load capacity over a traditionally cast wheel of the same design. Thanks to the increased strength and lighter weight, Flow Formed wheels are the perfect bridge between a regular cast wheel and a fully forged wheel.

Have we piqued your interest? Feel free to leave a comment below, or you can reach us at info@voxxwheel.com. Please let us know what you drive, and if you've modified your vehicle, what mods you have done. Pictures will definitely help!

Check out our other designs at www.voxxwheel.com. Need replacement wheel accessories, or Vöxx merch? Visit shop.voxxwheel.com.


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